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Dr. Jetzabel Maritza Serna-Olvera

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Jetzabel M. Serna-Olvera is an Assistant Professor at the Deutsche Telekom Chair of Mobile Business and Multilateral Security. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the “Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana” (Tijuana, Mexico) in 2001, and her M.Sc. in Computer Science and Communications Engineering from the “Gerhard Mercator Universität” (Duisburg, Germany) in 2006. She holds a PhD from the “Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, BarcelonaTech” (Barcelona, Spain), and has more than 10 years of experience in IT-Security, working at both national and international levels. She has collaborated in numerous Spanish and EU-funded research projects, mainly focused on Security, e-Banking Authentication, Identity Management and Identity Federation (e.g. TREs-PASS, eIDAS, TAPIS, Ciudad2020, Seguridad2020, FIDELITY, GILDDA, Coim-best, TSC, INTEGRA, etc.). Her topics of interest include cybersecurity, mobile security, privacy and trust in distributed systems, mobile authentication, identity management and location based mobile applications.
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